Timberwolves Europe 2013. Extra days. Berlin-Prague Travel Day & Walkabout. 15 May.


(See previous posts for what this tour is about.) (As always, click on photos to enlarge or play movie.)

I’m a bloggin’ maniac now.  I need the laptop for a download of all videos taken, but first I do a laptop-easy upload of 30 photos of the BER-PRG train ride so I can have them on WordPress and compose on the more cumbersome iPad2 while the aforementioned videos are loading.  No prob.

StarDate Wed. 15 May 2013.  Our mission, should we choose to accept it (we have) is to travel by train from Berlin to Prague.

The train leaves at 10:46am from the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.  I’ve booked First Class seating (on the internet aka Tourist Class for the preponderance of that traveler) many weeks in advance via the ‘net.  We have car 262, seats 75 & 76, window seats facing each other as near as I can determine.

We take a reasonably-priced taxi from the hotel to the station, wander around a bit (I get a Starbucks of course) and find we are near a DB lounge (Deutsche Bahn, the rail line) we can use due to our ‘premium’ status.  Eventually we board the train and we are on our way.


(I finished transferring videos from memory card to laptop.  I have about 9GB in 80+ vids.  I didn’t think I had taken that many.  “Houston we have a problem.” (Apollo 13)  “We’re gonna’ need a bigger boat.” (Jaws))

Here is a train ride sampler: (1080p@60fps is sure less shaky than @30fps.  Sorry about the previously very shaky vids.  I need to study GoPro more.)


To make a short story long we arrive safely after a pleasant ride with 4-5 10 minute stops.  Foolish me I exchange a few dollars at the Prague train station so I’ll have CZK (Czech Krona) cab fare and pay a 19.7% commission.  I know better and must… stop… doing that.  We later find that half of Prague, taxis included, take Euros anyway.  The cab the mile+ to the hotel is the next ripoff.  Fixed rate of 580 CZK or $29 USD (20CZK/$1.00).  The 20 minute ride to the airport at the end of the week is a more reasonable 890CZK/$44.50 and a hotel-called taxi would have been in the 750CZK range.  None of them break the bank, it just irks one to no end.

The day concludes with hotel check-in, walk-around to nearby Old Town Square, and fooood.


One or two more posts to go and I can put this trip to bed.  (Speaking of which, on my 4th night back I actually fell asleep again when I awoke frequently during the night.  RE: my jet lag, this is a VERY good sign.)  Ciao for now.

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