Timberwolves in Albuquerque, Thursday sampler

[CATEGORIES: Travel, WWII, Veterans.]

For the uninitiated the Timberwolves here are WWII veterans of the 104th Infantry Division’s campaign from Normandy to Torgau, Germany near Berlin ending 68 years ago (1944-1945).

Though I don’t have a count we have a decent number of the vets present with friends and family totaling 132 people in Albuquerque, NM for the 3rd annual National Timberwolves Pups Association Reunion, the Pups having taken over for the vets after 60+ years of NTA reunions.  I’m sure the vets will be the first to tell you they’re moving a bit slower than they did across Europe nearly 7 decades ago, but they’re still movin’!

I don’t plan to do the daily blog I did on the European tour last May but I couldn’t help  share a few pix with those who couldn’t make it to the reunion as well as other curious onlookers.  (Select photos to enlarge.  Click X in upper left corner to return.)

BUS TOUR!  Agenda today: New Mexico Veterans’ Memorial, Old Town Albuquerque, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

As Ken Kesey would say, you’re on the bus or off the bus:

The Veterans’ Memorial.  Beautiful.

Gettin’ our kicks on Route 66:

Old Town:

Dancers at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center:

7 or 8 years ago when m’lady and I attended our first Timberwolves Reunion there were 10 times as many people and many hundreds of vets.  We didn’t know anyone but her parents and didn’t meet many people.  Now that we’ve been to many reunions (not all of them), been on Timberwolves Europe tours, and the reunions are smaller due to the vagaries of time and attrition, we see many friends and familiar faces.  I trust new people will test the waters and take the plunge like we did.  We must honor our hard-won liberty and keep the meaning of freedom alive.

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