Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Saturday Night

[CATEGORIES: Travel, WWII, Veterans.]

We should finish Saturday night.  The Beer Bust and Raffle.



Maj. Gen. (Ret.) T.K. Moffat, former Commander of the 104th Infantry Training Division for 4 years and 2 months, is from Tupelo, Mississippi, the home of Elvis Presley.  Although the mellifluous tonalities of his singing escapes me he is one of the most outgoing people you will meet.  He was greatly entertaining!

Timberwolf vet Mel Morasch traded jokes with Gen. Moffat.

Is Mel dynamic or what!?

94 year-old Frank received a birthday cake.  Only the tank was not edible and there seemed enough for everyone.

IMG_7555There was so much stuff to raffle that it turned into a giveaway and everyone should have received something.  This was my investment: 🙂

IMG_7557(I did receive a gift.)
The evening ended with a final Elvis rendition from Gen. Moffat and supporting cast:


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