Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Sunday

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Sunday morning is the traditional memorial service for the WWII veterans of the 104th Infantry Division.  Sunday evening we have the formal banquet dinner and dance.

We have ‘official’ speeches’ by VA chaplain Ronald, Timberwolf vet Bob, and Pup Jerry.  Additional remarks are made by visiting Dutchwoman Esther, Belgian Vincent, and Maj. Gen. Moffat (Ret.).  No one speaks too long.  Considering what they have to say, believe me, no one is bored.

Every… single… speaker… is meaningful, pertinent, intelligent, thoughtful, thought-provoking and inspiring.  To name a few, and slight no one by their absence, veteran Bob, a 21 yr.-old BAR-toting infantryman in WWII and never wounded, speaks of those children and fellow soldiers alike who did not survive the war.  We here today are the lucky ones.  Jerry, he and his brother Mike very young babies when their father was KIA in 1945, speaks of growing up without a father.  Young 20- and 30-something adults and Europeans Esther and Vincent both eloquently express the appreciation their generation feels for living in a free Europe 68 years after the war.

After the ceremony I hear two vets, attendees at quite a few past reunions, say they think this is the finest memorial service of any of them.

Following are pictures of the memorial service, evening dinner banquet, and the Monday morning final breakfast.  Hover your cursor over a picture or click on it to see a caption.  Within the enlarged photos click the X upper-left to return to this page.

It’s all about freedom, IMO.  Get it, hold on to it, don’t ever let it go.

2 thoughts on “Timberwolves Reunion Albuquerque – Sunday

  1. Dear Friends,
    With emotions and gratitude I saw the beautiful pictures, here in Holland. My body is indeed in Holland, but my heart is in the States. All memories of the european trips and our presence during the 65e reunion in Lombard emerge. Seeing all those friends I’m happy to belong to this family of veterans and pups. Please give my regards to all and thank you very much for sending those pictures.

    With the most sincere greetings

    Marianne and Toine Vermunt from Standdaarbuiten


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