Summit County September

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Contrary to published reports, not all of Colorado is under water this mid-September 2013.  It does seem like the state has either been on fire or flooded all summer.  We just do that so people don’t think it is too nice here.

These pictures were taken between 9 and 12 September, just before areas north of Denver received a years worth of rain and the equivalent of 150″ of snow in 24+ hours.  The weather is cooling nicely (40s and 50sF at night, high 60s daytime).

Diogee (dee-oh-gee, dog, a reference we have copied from an acquaintance who named her dog Diogee) and I like to walk along the southern edge of Lake Dillon by the town of Dillon.  Monday 9 September was a beautiful day.

Thursday the 12th is a nice day though we’re getting more moisture intermittently throughout the day while Denverites are building their arks for the floods.  FINALLY I have dragged myself out for a bit of a bike ride along the lake.

On my iPhone5 I use the Ski Tracks app by to track my bike ride.  I set the app for cross-country skiing so it measures elevation rise and fall as steady ride tracking, whereas the downhill skiing app correctly measures long elevation rises as a chairlift ride.

What a great app!  (Do I get a commission?)

Back at Chateau de la Condo Diogee is enjoying a bit of deck time as yours truly stares at the mountain.

I’m expecting a new camera to be delivered shortly.  Perhaps I’ll learn how to take good pictures.  Happy Trails until then.

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