The Perpetual Beginner: Photography 101 forever

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I am the perpetual beginner in everything.  I need two lifetimes; one in which to make all the mistakes, another in which to get it right.  I’m out of luck on that (the second life). One thing I’m more certain of in my retirement years is that my road well-traveled must be paved to the end with LEARNING.

Cloud interruption.  We have our priorities.  I feel a cloud/sunset/sunrise compilation someday should I live to be a hundred.  [Hover your cursor over a picture and click on it to enlarge.  Within the enlarged photos click the X upper-left to return to this page.]

RE: Learning; one endeavor is photography.  I’ve been a point-and-shoot photographer since my early 20’s.  As I recall (?) I had an Olympus film camera for quite some time.  I recall owning a Sigma 90-230mm zoom for something wayyyy back.  That camera and its photos are long gone.  My first digital camera was a Sony Mavica that used floppy disks and shot 640×480 rez (.307 megapixels I think).  M’lady and I were visiting Amsterdam and I realized I’m going to need a lot of disks.  I bought a box of 50 somewhere.  Haul THAT around Europe.  (One of these days I’ll see if I can dredge up photos of my 3 or 4 most recent cameras.)

As I write I still have the very recent ones, a Canon SX200 bought in St. Thomas V.I., a Canon Elph100, and my trusty iPhone5.

In my eternal quest for clarity and enlightenment (photography-wise) I have now acquired a Nikon D5200.  Guess what.  The camera runs best on AUTO.  I’m still POINT-AND-SHOOT!  I love it!  I swear these days there is as much technology packed into a camera body as a personal computer.  [Hover your cursor over a picture… etc.] has been helpful in purchase and usage of the D5200.  He has good photos of the D5200 here.

One of my favorite review and forum sites for many years has been

There are thousands of websites from which to get educated in photography or view fine photos.  Many in my WordPress community are photographers.  (See icons at right.) and are a couple I’ve visited recently.  Apologies but the rest are truly too numerous to mention at the moment.

My first two Nikon photos and crops.

I’m still wrestling with what image quality and image size settings to use.
Nikon quality settings:
JPEG fine: Record JPEG images at a compression ratio of roughly 1 : 4 (fine quality).
JPEG normal: Record JPEG images at a compression ratio of roughly 1 : 8 (normal quality).
JPEG basic: Record JPEG images at a compression ratio of roughly 1 : 16 (basic quality).
Nikon size settings:
Image size – Size (pixels) – Print size (cm/in.) *
Large – 6000 x 4000 – 50.8 x 33.9/20 x 13.3
Medium 4496 x 3000 38.1 x 25.4/15.0 x 10
Small 2992 x 2000 25.3 x 16.9/10 x 6.7
* Approximate size when printed at 300 dpi. Print size in inches equals image size in pixels divided by printer resolution in dots per inch (dpi; 1 inch=approximately 2.54 cm).

Ken Rockwell says leave the quality at Basic, you won’t see the difference.  I don’t print photos so printing is not issue.  Still as you’ll see I like to blow up portions of photos for a  ‘macro’ shot.  I must explore this compression ratio thing more.

Just shoot me.  Geraniums:


Minor cloud compilation:

I have dog pictures.  (Surprised?)  However, I must go now.  DEATH HAS ARRIVED!  (Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2013: Death):


I’m also re-reading Ominous Parallels by Leonard Peikoff.  What great topics!

OK, one dog picture:

DSC_0021 - Version 3

Big Brother is watching.  (Don’t get me started on the NSA.)  Happy Trails.

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