Dog, Dove, and Depth of Field (Caw! Caw!) (Tesla)

[CATEGORIES: Photography, Travel Photography.]
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Following is a bit of miscellany taken between the autumn color shots during the last month.


Exposure experiment:

Just dog:

DOVE and DOF (Depth Of Field):

A dove was sitting on the deck rail in Denver for an extended period.  It gave me an opportunity to work with focus, shooting through a glass door however.  Note the jump from f/5.6 to f/14 from the 3rd to 4th picture gives greater DOF, bringing the background trees ‘more’ into focus.  Ain’t it amazin’.


Taking bad pictures of mountains 30 Sep. and a tree full of crows got in the way.


As I was returning from my bike ride 1 Oct. they were finishing a Tesla electric car charging station a 1/4 mile from where I stay in Silverthorne.  8 charging units.  Where do I sign up!

Next up: FAREWELL TO AUTUMN.  It’s just about over.

Oh, just one more thing:

Time lapses, dawn on Buffalo Mt./ Red Peak.  Taken with Nikon D5200, video assembled in GoPro Studio software.

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