Summit County FAREWELL TO AUTUMN, parting shotz

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Photography 101 Forever, of course.

If you have hung in there for my Summit County Autumn series, THANK YOU!  I will give you a break after this post.  In the future I’ll try to post better photos, should I take any, and less of my poorer photos (I have plenty of those).

I anticipate autumn will be over this weekend, as snow is expected to start arriving tonight 3 Oct., a couple of inches here in Summit, up to a foot north of here in Steamboat.  It’s too early to seriously think skiing and I suspect we will have another week or so of Indian Summer, but the leaves should be fading and falling due to the cold snap regardless.

I wasn’t going to take more pictures of this autumn but yesterday 2 Oct was one more blue sky day bursting with leaf color.  Most of my photos this day were taken first on auto to see what the camera calculated, then mimic’d in one of the manual settings (A-aperture, S-shutter speed, or M-full manual).  Unfortunately iPhoto gives fairly limited photo (Exif) data and it’s a pain to get data for each photo via Exif Viewer, thorough as that software is.  I’m just going to throw the whole batch of photos out there and similar photos are likely to be Auto first and manual-something second.

Most of these photos were taken in the Breckenridge area.  Enjoy.

[Click on pictures to enlarge.  Click on ‘View Full Size’ to get realllllly big.  Click again to get even bigger.  Find your way back to this page somehow.  🙂 ]





Leaves were falling today (3 Oct.).  Farewell bright autumn.

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