Two Days in Tucson, Part II

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[Tucson Part I, Pima Air Museum is here.]
[This is Photography 101 Forever, of course.]


On the second day of my recent short weekend visit to Tucson, AZ I went flying in my cousin’s Piper Cherokee 180.  My cousin did the piloting, I was just along for the ride. Fortunately I was not hanging on for dear life as he is a very capable pilot.

We uncovered the plane and spent some time rinsing off the desert dust.  It’s a good looking plane.
[Click on single photos to enlarge.  Click on enlargement to get realllllly big.  For group photos click on any photo to enlarge and view group in a slide show.  Photo info is in lower right corner, as is ‘View full size’.  View full and zoom again for extra detail.  Click X in upper left to return.]

Taxiing and takeoff, and me without a parachute!  (Can’t get my videos to process properly.  ‘Stills’ will have to do.)

A lot of wide open spaces, with green belts and agriculture along the river beds:

An old mine on the backside of the mountains (E. or NE?) from Tucson:

Summerville,  where some can escape the Tucson summer heat:

Speaking of Photography 101, I had been shooting in Program mode on the Nikon D5200 since the start of the flight, still letting the camera do most of the thinking.  It occurred to me that with distance shots in a somewhat vibrating environment I needed a high shutter speed.  I switched to Shutter Speed mode and quickly settled on 1/1000th.  The camera then set Aperture accordingly, the lowest available on my 55-200mm lens being f4 I believe.  The stream of shots in 1/1000 reflect this change.  It seemed to work.

Observing observatories:

A ski area!  I knew I liked this place!

Biosphere 2 (see Wiki also), where an experiment was conducted for several years to live totally within an enclosed environment as though you were on another planet.  Research is still conducted here.  We didn’t get real close so I am happy with the resulting detail in some shots.  Zoom on some of these and see how it looks.  (I see this series has a speed of 1/501s.  I must have still been in Program mode here.)

We passed an old copper mine, abandoned due to ground instability.  Cousin pointed to other abandoned sites.  It’s a mineral rich area.  (The camera was in LS-Landscape setting all day, between Standard/Neutral and Vivid.  Saturation and hue is enhanced a bit though this is still close to what I was seeing.)

House-spying near Vail, AZ.  I’d sell these to the NSA except that you can probably see better with Google Earth.

Rincon Peak and area.  (I think!)

Heading back to Benson Airport.  The desert is a beautiful place.

All’s well that ends well.  The Landing.  (Wondershare watermark courtesy the software company that successfully converted my video.  iMovie and GoPro Studio have been problematic with my Nikon videos, to put it mildly.)  The jerky motion is me, not the plane.  Those dark lines in the video are something called a ‘propeller’.

Back on the ground.  A few parting shots of that DC-3.

Adios amigos.


4 thoughts on “Two Days in Tucson, Part II

  1. Looked like a nice landing, John. Nice aerial views of southern Arizona, for sure. I used to fly a 180 some years ago. I just started renting a 160, slightly less powerful version of the same aircraft, basically.

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