Colorado marijuana. The people have spoken.

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The people of Colorado approved Amendment 64 to the state constitution in Nov. 2012, allowing personal use and commercial sale/regulation of marijuana.  (Wikipedia.)  Legal consumption and sale went into effect 1 January 2014.

According to Wikipedia (previous link) 55.32% (1,383,139) voted for the amendment, 44.68% (1,116,894) voted against, a difference of 10.64%.  The total vote was 2,500,033.  This is a difference of 266,245.  If 133,123 had voted against instead of for, the outcome would have been different (after a recount no doubt).  133,123 is 5.3% of those who voted (.05325).

The electorate (registered voters) Nov. 2012 was 3,647,082 (of the est. 5,189,458 total population).  (Should we give two-year-olds the vote?)  Turnout was a seemingly decent 68.55%.  133,123 is 3.65% of the electorate, 2.6% of the total population (two-year-olds included).

The people have spoken, people.  Get over it.

Following is the Wikipedia chart I referenced (previous link).


Light up, turn on, and mellow thyself.

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