Powwderrrr (skiing, that is)

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Thursday 30 January was the best powder skiing day I have had in a very, very long time.  I skied at Copper Mt. that day.  It was a black-and-white day.  Very little color.  The snow hung heavily on the tall lodgepole pine, covering the dark green needles until they almost looked black.  All was white, ‘dark’ white in the unsung snowfall.  There!  There is some gray, ‘battleship gray’, on the lift towers (but not in this picture).

IMG_0920 - Version 2

Later, high on the mountain at the top of the Mountain Chief chairlift, I see a line of skiers and snowboarders hiking out the ridge line toward Jacque’s Peak and the drop-offs into what must be very deep snow.  For me, I start the day at the BOTTOM of the mountain skiing 16″ or so of lightly tracked snow in the easy-skiing Union Creek area.


The cold morning snow is light, deep, and easy to push through.  It is up to my kneecaps.  HEAVEN!  Soft, flowing, the consistency of a light shaving cream I’ve always thought.  It slows you and you feel like you’re floating.  Did I say heaven?

Copper has had 37″ of snow in the last 7 days.  Mid-mountain base is currently 71″, very good.  Following is an iPhone video I did, handheld.  (I must get the GoPro charged and put into service.)  Color makes an appearance in the black-and-white scenery in the guise of ski clothes.  Set the video to full screen and mind the volume control.

What else is happening this winter?  To be continued…

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