The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult, book review

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Jodi Picoult.  Word-crafter.  Wordsmith.  Prose-positer.


1.  a. Consisting or characteristic of prose. [YES!]
b. Matter-of-fact; straightforward.  [Not so much.  Plot twists!]
2. Lacking in imagination and spirit; dull.  [NOT!]

Such as:

“Betrayal was a stone beneath the mattress of the bed you shared, something you felt digging into you no matter how you shifted position.  What was the point of being able to forgive, when deep down, you both had to admit you’d never forget?”  (p. 103)

“It was possible that a miracle was not something that happened to you, but rather something that didn’t.” (p. 160)

“The truth rolled like mercury, and like any poison, it was the last thing either of them wanted to touch.” (p. 164)

Out-STANDING writer.

This is the first Jodi Picoult novel I have read.  (She has written 18+, this one copyrighted 2006.)  M’lady is taking me to hear her speak and I thought I ought to read one.  I was not disappointed.

ISSUES!  Teen angst.  Teen violence.  (It’s been a long time since I was a teen but I expect this is more common than we’d care to admit.)  Conflicted adults.  Infidelity.  I found the themes SAD but engrossing.

Mores (ˈmɔːreɪz) pl n 1. (Sociology) sociol the customs and conventions embodying the fundamental values of a group or society (Farlex Dict./Collins Dict.)

If you like books that discuss and challenge our mores then you could be a Jodi Picoult fan.  Me?  I’m not sure.

PLOTS!  Lots a’ plots.  Child reminisce, flash way forward, teen, back, comic book, wife, affair, Dante’s Inferno.  All in the first 27 pages.  All well managed and easily followed.

That Dante’s thing.  The Nine Circles of Hell, thus the title.  Woven throughout.

In my humblest opinion (well, I’m allowed opinion as the READER aren’t I?) this is VERY high quality fiction writing.  If you want to read and appreciate excellent writing with thoughtful contemplation on ‘important’ issues, this is for you.

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