Self-drive safaris in Africa?!?!

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Photo courtesy Bert and Bin.
Photo courtesy Bert and Bin.

Naive, sheltered and uninformed as I am I had not heard of a self-drive safari until inveterate mega-travel blogger Lesley Carter mentioned in her blog she is doing one.  Follow her travels at her website.  Her first two posts on the safari are:

A quick Google brought this website to my attention:

What REALLY grabbed my attention was the photo diary of a couple who used the SafariDrive service for a six week jaunt.  Amazing photos and explanations.  I encourage you to browse:


What an incredible journey.  I had no idea you could do this kind of thing in this day and age.  I’m gobsmacked.



5 thoughts on “Self-drive safaris in Africa?!?!

  1. Hi John, yup, as a Namibian I can honestly say that it is still possible – check out my blog (A Namibian Travelling Namibia) or the blog of ATI Holidays… Namibia is probably one of the easiest and safest places ever to self-drive… Hope you make it this way sometime!


    1. Thanks for the info. I like your bird pictures. The ATI Holidays site is great too. (‘Mericans don’t be shocked by the prices, I think they are Namibia dollars which are about 10 for every 1 USD. You can exchange the price by clicking on it. Very reasonable IMO.)


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