Florida, May 2014, Pt. VI and last – Ford-Edison, Sunken Gardens St. Petersburg

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A list of all Florida, May 2014, posts can be found with this search.

I must finish posting Florida before it is year-old travel.  Enjoy.

A visit to the Edison-Ford contiguous winter homes in Ft. Myers were noteworthy.  Inventor Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were friends.  Wikipedia is a good place for info on these productive innovators.  The 20-acre grounds, building exteriors, and interiors readily visible from the outside are beautiful.  The Edison museum is extensive and has many of his inventions, including his improvements of the light bulb and many Edison Phonographs displayed.

More photos can be viewed here.  Photo data and zoom is available.

‘Next’ time I am in Ft. Myers I’m told I must visit the J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

The 100 year-old Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg was beautiful.  (Is beautiful?  You know what I mean.)

Happy trails Florida.  Until we meet again.

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