Flying Rainbows~

For the three or four of my readers who don’t view photos on I beg you check her recent post of colorful Rainbow Lorikeets. The poor woman gets practically no traffic on her website, takes terrible photos, and no one ‘likes’ her posts, so I’m rallying support to encourage her to keep at it regardless. 😉 This post appeals to my pre-Cro Magnon sense of art and nature, i.e. if it’s colorful I like it. Be sure to click on a bird photo twice to see it zoom into a painting-style ultra-closeup suitable for a screensaver. Don’t give up Cindy!

Talk about PDA!
These guys perfect it.
It’s enough to make your head spin!
Rainbow Lorikeets are affectionate, comical and congenial birds, as sweet as they are pretty.
Of course this grumpy guy might disagree, it’s no fun waiting for your feathers to grow, you can hardly fly and the big birds are having all the fun!
There is always some minor bickering among birds, come to think of it, among people too, but that’s another story….
What personalities these guys have. They hammed it up on my hand for my camera! They know how handsome they are……
Some day I’d be over the rainbow to have a rainbow of my own.
Cheers to you from the free flying Lorikeets at Lorikeet Landing~

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2 thoughts on “Flying Rainbows~

  1. To the least Cro-magnon, and most erudite of bloggers, this is HILARIOUS & so appreciated! Thank you for the laugh my friend and the friendship and support. It is people like you that make me love blogging.


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