Mercantile Dining & Provision Restaurant

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I don’t usually blog about restaurants (see my TripAdvisor instead) unless they are part of a vacation but Mercantile Dining & Provision in the Union Station Denver was Drop… Dead… Delicious!!

We arrived 11:30-ish for lunch, beating the busy lunch crowd (from downtown offices I presume) that soon gathered.  At lunch time you order at a counter:

You pickup your food at the open kitchen area:

You pour yourself water from bottles on the counter into jar-glasses and seat yourself in the open table dining area.  In the evening there is full service at the tables.  M’lady and I opted to sit at the bar where we had full attentive service from the bartender.

M’lady had the hot pastrami sandwich which she said was one of the best she has ever ever had.  I had the short rib sandwich which tasted superb, with a quinoa salad.  How often do you have lunch where between every bite you just rave and rave about how good it is?  For me, not often.  (I must stop going to McD’s.)

While we ate we watched the bartender stewing apricots and straining them into cups for a  simple syrup for one of their specialty drinks.  ‘By hand’, what a novel idea.



There are Provisions too:

The Chef recently won the Cochon 555 Denver competition and will move on to the Grand Cochon in Aspen.

We love this place.

5 thoughts on “Mercantile Dining & Provision Restaurant

  1. Is that really the name of the restaurant? Bit of a mouthful don’t you think. “Ah, where would you like to dine?”
    “Mercantile Dining and Provision Restaurant…”
    Food looks good though, although less of a mouthful than the name!


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