The “Let’s Race Together” Conversations about conversing about race

I haven’t blogged about ‘issues’ for a long time but I follow this blog. Due to Starbucks recent brief policy to discuss race they went there and openly recorded conversations about it. The results were excellent. I invite you to listen to some or all of their conversation. I found it very refreshing.

The Last Civil Right

race togetherI went to my local Starbucks yesterday, to test out this race relations campaign that Starbucks has ended as fast as a Barista can make a double shot mocha frappuccino w/soy and no whip please.  I wanted to see how willing and frankly comfortable others would be speaking about race and race related issues.  I didn’t go to enrage but to engage, my intent was to start a dialogue and keeping in mind that a dialogue or two does not solve the social concerns in a nation, dialogues can enlightened and possibly even surprise you.  Dialogues is how relationships in communities are established, especially when does outreach such as myself on a daily basis and not always for political concerns but including community involvement.

Audio is as clear as possible and unedited, so pardon the background noise of the daily operations happening at this Starbucks as well as the piped…

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