Biking in The Netherlands – 00 – You won’t starve in Den Haag (The Hague)

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[This series of posts is about our recent 3-day sightseeing plus 7-day  Bike & Barge, Holland:Tulip Tour in the North and South Holland Provinces of The Netherlands.]
[See a list of all posts currently in this series HERE.]

…Or: What I’ve done on vacation thus far.  Extensive posting may have to wait until my return to America (North) (U.S.A.).  I do want to share a few pictures of what I’ve enjoyed in the first day and a half.

The food is EXTREMELY well prepared.  I’ve been very impressed with the high quality (not to mention quantity) of our meals.

Lunch at Plein Negentien (Square #19) Den Haag:

Tuna Melt on brown bread (thick crusted as Europeans know how) with wasabi sauce on top.

(You can almost see the Tosti Ham & Kaas to the right.  A Tasty Tosti, like a slim grilled ham and cheese.)  Here is a shot including the Tosti:

Last night, despite the good lunch at Negentien, we dined at Schlemmer’s.  To.. Die.. For… M’lady had lemon sole over spinach, between two flaky light pastries, with thin smoked salmon and a cream cheese sauce on top.  Two small scoops of mashed potatoes with another tasty pastry, are on the side.

I had Duck Breast on a bed of vegetables (snap peas, carrots, green beans) with a brochette of roast potatoes.  Nicely presented too.

Desert was exquisite Schlemmer’s Ice Cream between pastry:

Le Menu:

I can’t find my photos from Delft’s William of Orange Restuarant but my extra-ordinary  ‘burger’ was huge and tasty.

Tonight we ate at Cafe George on The Plein, Den Haag.  Suuu–perrrb.  A modest but outstanding Caesar Salad with Onion Soup for me:

Lobster on Linguine for m’lady:

Le Menu (Including the outstanding glass of Malbec m’lady imbibed):


We start bicycling Saturday.  (Don’t look back, I might be gaining (weight) on me.)

5 thoughts on “Biking in The Netherlands – 00 – You won’t starve in Den Haag (The Hague)

  1. I am so glad you show the food! It is one of the highlights of traveling in Europe. All the unprocessed, fresh food, and farm to table produce makes home so pale by comparison. Have a wonderful trip!


  2. Ah the challenge of coming back at the weight you left with. I am reading this late in the afternoon and wondering which one i should make:(


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