Biking in The Netherlands – 02 – A Day in Delft

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[This series of posts is about our recent 3-day sightseeing plus 7-day  Bike & Barge, Holland:Tulip Tour in the North and South Holland Provinces of The Netherlands.]
[See a list of all posts currently in this series HERE.]

The second day of our trip we took the 15 minute/11.70 Euro round-trip-for-two train from Den Haag to Delft.  (9.60 Euro + supplement for buying at the desk rather than from a machine.)

Delft, birthplace and home of the painter Johannes Vermeer, historic town of the Dutch blue porcelain.  The Dutch I encountered pronounce it ‘Del-left’ as though there are two syllables.  (Maybe there are two in Dutch.  Wait until we talk about Gouda!)

Outdoor pictures of the town square are difficult today as a market has packed the square and the Nieuwe Kerk is partially shrouded for repairs.

DSC_3924 (1)

You can still find beautiful old buildings around the corner.  This one says Anno 1548, the year built.

Version 2
Personally I like Art Nouveau anywhere I find it:

There is Delftware!  (Or is that De_Lft ware?) DSC_3979 (1)

I found the history in the Nieuwe Kerk and Oude Kerk noteworthy.  Neither interior is spectacular but the New Church contains the beautiful mausoleum of our friend William the 1st, William of Orange, William the Silent.  There was a fascinating history of him displayed on glass panels, written in Dutch and English.  He had 4 wives and 16 or so children (I lost count.)  He subscribed to 3 major religions (one at a time) depending on the political expedients and exigencies at the time.    The Old Church contains the tomb of Vermeer, with two markers, but no one is certain exactly where he resides.  The 3.75 Euro admission at the New Church included the Old Church too and a free coffee at Bistro de Pijpenla, where I was enticed to share a scrumptious Dutch apple pie with m’lady.

There was beautiful stained glass of more recent vintage at Oude Kerk:


Children rafted in the canal while we enjoyed our apple pie and free coffees later:

DSC_3967 (1) Did I mention the Leaning Tower of Delft?  It’s the Oude Kerk!

DSC_3985 (1)I think this blond is giving me the eye.  I’d better get out of town before I get into trouble.

DSC_3980 (1)Next, a walking tour of The Hague.

6 thoughts on “Biking in The Netherlands – 02 – A Day in Delft

  1. We did a tour of the Delft Porcelain factory….are you sure you are in Delft…I did not see thousands of bicycles in your pictures


  2. I have pictures of bicycles! To avoid the 1 thousand bikes per photo one has to take pictures of upper levels of building often. I was just lucky on some of these. Speaking of bikes I was amazed at the number of CARS too. Despite the separate bike lanes and bike traffic lights one eventually has to cross paths with an automobile (truck, or farm tractor). It keeps the adrenaline flowing!


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