Biking in The Netherlands – 08 – Leiden to Gouda

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[This series of posts is about our recent 3-day sightseeing plus 7-day  Bike & Barge, Holland:Tulip Tour in the North and South Holland Provinces of The Netherlands.]
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Wednesday 22 April 2015.  Biking Day 4.  A lot of countryside biking for which I do not have a lot of photographs.  Major village/town stops today are Boskoop, Gouda, and Waddinxveen.  (Plenty of photos for these.)

Gouda is a real treat.  More on that later.  Everyone has heard of Gouda cheese haven’t they?  Remember I spoke about those Dutch pronunciations?  Of course many of us ‘Mericans pronounce Gouda as ‘GOO-da’.  To the Dutch it is ‘HOW-da’, as in ‘HOW-da heck are ya?’.  Fancy that.  I’ll stick with ‘GOO-da’ in the U.S. and ‘HOW-da’ in the Netherlands.

Today’s route:

On the road to ‘HOW-da’ (Gouda) we are waiting on a drawbridge in Hazerswoude-Rijndijk.  It seems like there are fifty shades of drawbridge in the Netherlands.


If memory serves me (?!?) we stop at a senior’s home/cafe for coffee and a pastry.  (Shades of future present!)  Sorry, no picture.  On we bike to Boskoop.

More Boskoop.

In Gouda (keep thinking ‘HOW-da’) we stop between the Sint-Janskerk (St. John’s Church) and the Gouda Museum.


We stroll through the church on our own for a short while as later we have an in-depth guided tour.  Then our guide takes us to a cheese shop and the Town Hall.


Our tour of the church includes the beautiful stained glass portrayals of Bible stories and patron symbolism.  As our guide notes the windows were the picture books for the illiterate masses of the time.


We are supposed to stay overnight in Gouda but a freighter has hit a drawbridge and blocked passage of our barge.  We bike back to Waddinxveen to meet the barge and see the broken bridge:

Biking distance today is 27.2-29.9 miles, longer due to the back-haul from Gouda.  HRM says about 9 1/4 hrs and 3600 kCal.  I need that calorie burn because… you can’t call me late for dinner.

Red pepper soup.
Red pepper soup.


It’s barge night tonight at our rendezvous.  Tomorrow yet another great day of biking awaits.




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