Hiking the Sanctuary Golf Course, Sedalia Colorado

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Recently there was an opportunity for the public to walk on the very private Sanctuary Golf Course.  We walked on the paved golf cart trails but uphill many times it seemed I could have almost scraped my nose and walked on all fours with a little bending over.  This is a hilly course!

With the anticipated scenery views I only took my Nikon 55-200mm lens but found it difficult to take near or mid-range shots.  As usual I was in Auto or Auto/No-flash mode. Exif data (somewhat accurate except for shutter speeds) can be found in the lower right corner of gallery shots.  Zoom, zoom, zoom and enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Hiking the Sanctuary Golf Course, Sedalia Colorado

  1. Very pretty,

    I was glad to see that you look trim- after all of your photos of European food, i was concerned that you were going to look more like middle america.


  2. Love the bison (buffalo looking thing) but I must say, it may give me a skrik from time to time – not what you expect to see when walking on a golf course!!


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