The Denver Botanic Gardens, July 2015

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M’lady and I did a Members Tour recently and I took a few snapshots.  This was nothing like our visit here last year for the Chihuly exhibit but changing flora being what it is you can visit the gardens year around and see something different each time.

File name: DSC_4938.jpg File size: 28349657 bytes (6000×4000, 9.4bpp, 3x) EXIF Summary: 1/250s f/8.0 ISO100 55mm (35mm eq:82mm)

I only took my Nikon 18-55mm lens (with D5200 camera of course) which seems to be my lens of choice and versatility for the casual touristy shooting I do.  As usual I was in Auto or Auto/No-flash mode most of the time except for the bee shots for which I tried a faster shutter speed.  It was a warm sunny day, which always helps.

File name:DSC_4939.jpg File size:31354204 bytes (6000x4000, 10.5bpp, 2x) EXIF Summary:1/250s f/8.0 ISO125 18mm (35mm eq:27mm)
File name: DSC_4939.jpg
File size: 31354204 bytes (6000×4000, 10.5bpp, 2x)
EXIF Summary: 1/250s f/8.0 ISO125 18mm (35mm eq:27mm)

WordPress’s Exif data (somewhat accurate except for high shutter speeds) can be found in the lower right corner of gallery shots.  I also attached Exif data (Exchangeable Image File Format) as photo descriptions.  It is from my Exif Viewer app and is very accurate.  Zoom when you can and enjoy.  When viewing images in galleries (grouped photos like those below) you can scroll down and click ‘View full size’ for further zooming.  Then you can click again for a what is often a suitably blurry image.

More on the horse statues here.

More Botanic:

Following are ever-loved coleuses one finds everywhere.  These were in The Orangery, #49.  I wasn’t sure about the odd-looking one but believe I found it online as a Coleus Under The Sea Red Coral:

M’lady did her own coleus and sweet potato vine display on our back patio…

IMG_1929...but I digress.


More horses, not war horses:

The Delta Sonics blues band was playing at the Cheeseman Park Arts Fest near the Botanic Gardens.  They were smokin’ hot!  I swear they played a Slim Harpo tune.

The Delta Sonics.
The Delta Sonics. [File name: DSC_4964.jpg File size: 23408628 bytes (6000×4000, 7.8bpp, 3x) EXIF Summary: 1/160s f/6.3 ISO200 52mm (35mm eq:78mm) ]
That’s all folks!

10 thoughts on “The Denver Botanic Gardens, July 2015

    1. Ha ha. We do get many bright sunny days in our fairly dry climate where you can see 50 miles or more from a good vantage point, and we have many vantage points from 1 to 2 1/2 miles above sea level.


  1. I was recently in Denver and I wanted to try and visit there. But winter had not quite ended. So we changed our route and went elsewhere. I’m sorry I missed it after seeing your pictures.


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