Colorado Autumn 2015 – II

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Meadow Creek Trail, Summit County:

(The first 3 photos in Colorado Autumn 2015 – I are on the Meadow Creek Trail also.)

Although this trailhead is right next to Interstate 70 at the east Frisco exit you quickly leave all noise behind as you climb higher.  What a relief.



The top and south side of Boreas Pass, Summit and Park Counties:

(Click on a photo to enlarge it.  Scroll down the enlargement and click “View Full Size” to enlarge again.)


11 thoughts on “Colorado Autumn 2015 – II

    1. ‘Generally’ we call them dirt roads. The section pictured here is well maintained, probably graded regularly with gravel packed on top. We do have gravel roads. When this road proceeds over the pass it is on reclaimed railroad bed, considerably less maintained, and very rocky and pot-holed. This doesn’t prevent human beans from driving regular 2-wheel drive sedans over it. Still it was a rough ride even in my Jeep.

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