A Dog’s Life

A childless person who may have difficulty relating to humans might shower attention on a domesticated animal such as a dog.  Such was the case with my West Highlands White Terrier named KaCee.

Although it was poorly trained it appeared to manifest a high degree of intelligence, watching tv, barking at animals it saw there, observing human tasks performed, as if it wanted to comprehend what was being done.

It was a much loved dog, receiving affection that couldn’t be expressed to people.

Several galleries selected from A Dog’s Life follow.  Click on a picture to open a gallery and cursor through.

Number two:

Number three and final:

Our dearly loved little girl passed away during surgery for a liver tumor.  11 years young, we never expected to lose her so soon, as Westies often live to 14 or 15.  M’lady said and I concur, ‘our hearts are broken’.

IMG_1118 - Version 2

15 Nov. 2005 – 21 Dec. 2016

17 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet KaCee. We have two rescues who mean so much to us. Ours dogs are 11 and 7. They are both sitting here besides me as I type. Pets make our lives so much better. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  2. Oh he is absolutely adogable and I was thinking as I looked that this is the kind of dog I would like to have! I had to scroll to the end to see that you both lost him. I am so very sorry John. So sad for both of you and for me reading and seeing how much you loved him. You gave him a beautiful, happy life. Deepest sympathies~

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  3. Dear John. What a beautiful collection of photos of your furry baby. I am so sorry to hear of KaCee’s passing. What acdrasfully sad time for you had your wife. I know what you are going through as my little black and white cross fox terrier rescue dog of thirteen years passed two months ago from a heart and liver condition. So I am thinking of you at this sad time. My little one’s ashes are with me now and fond memories. I am sure judging by your photos that KaCee had a wonderful life and you have wonderful memories too. Regards Sue

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  4. So, so sorry to hear you lost your dog – ours are part of our family, and when they have to go to double you double you, double you dot dog-heaven dot com, its very hard. `Lots of nice pics there, dogs are as hard to photograph, as they are to keep white!

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  5. KaCee you were a beautiful furbaby and your hoomans must be heartbroken without you. We are Sydney (Westie) and Elsie (Westie JRT X), Elsie is a rescue girl. We live by the beach and love bringing lots of sand home every day. X

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      1. Westies were on our retirement “bucket list”, but when my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, everything on the bucket list was brought forward. I lost my husband last June, and my two furbabies are the sole reason I get out of bed each day. The comfort and love I get from them is unmeasurable.


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