“On the road again…” Pt. III – Taos

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Eccentric, curious, erratic, idiosyncratic, odd, offbeat, peculiar, quirky, etc.

Color me jaded, appropriate for St. Pat’s Day as I start to draft this, but I was not overly impressed.  That is to no avail.

What did impress me was the Millicent Rogers Museum.  This is an absolute MUST SEE if you are in the area.  Shirley there are many larger and more extensive collections of Southwest Native American art in the world but I was gob-smacked and downright educated at the MRM.  This could owe as much to the curators’ displays as to Ms. Rogers’ astute collecting.

She was a bit of a wealthy eccentric (now there’s a surprise) and found her way to Taos in the 1940’s partly as a recovery from l’affaire with movie actor Clark Gable.  She was the granddaughter of a less-remembered co-founder of Standard Oil with John D. Rockefeller, H. H. Rogers.  Early and mid-twentieth century New Mexico also gathered the likes of author D. H. Lawrence and painter Georgia O’Keeffe (yes, two f’s).  Can you imagine living in New Mexico in those times?  Superbly quiet I would guess.

Museum samplings: (Click on a photo to enlarge, scroll down, click again, stir, rinse, repeat.)

Kachina Dolls:

Inlays and a view:

Door architecture.  Who knew?


Beadwork on a cradleboard:

Something else that impressed me in Taos was this Remington statue in front of the Kachina Lodge where we stayed:

The Blue Mountain Cafe at the Lodge was different too:

Finally, on to Albuquerque…

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