Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #01

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I’m posting from an iPad.  Good luck to me.

Armed with guidebooks (a 1989 Michelin Scotland and a Baedeker’s Ireland of nearly the same vintage, from my 1990 visits) and a crusty camera not quite that old resurrected from storage, I’m off to see beautiful Scotland and the Emerald Isle again.  I suspect most of the history from these old books is still intact.

I should have started re-reading them sooner. They are fascinating.  History!  It’s the FUTURE OF MANKIND!!  The history of Scotland makes the medieval-styled Game of Thrones books and tv look like nursery school.

First stop is Edinburgh, with a long layover in Newark, NJ on the way.  I could not believe the Newark airport.  I have traveled a bit over the years but I witnessed a phenomena I had not seen before.  All the restaurant and concession venues had iPads at every single place setting as well as what you used to checkout other purchases. Everywhere!  I’m gobsmacked.  The digital age is definitely upon us, devouring us whole.

(Click to view, scroll down and click to view larger.)

Arriving in Edinburgh at 8AM we drop the bags at our hotel, have a Starbucks (I have my priorities) and proceed with a forced march up the hill to Arthur’s Seat.  It’s 823ft/251m high with either shoe-smoothed, slippery or very rough irregular rock at the top.

Lunch is pork and haggis sausage at the Mitre Bar (delicious!) and light dinner is at the Doric Gastro Pub (est. 1823 and even more delicious)


4 thoughts on “Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #01

  1. Just hit on these posts, and will have to read them all. 🙂 My wife and I have been to Scotland, but unfortunately we had to cancel, because of Covid-19, the trip we had planned to Ireland for may this year. Hopefully, we will still be able to do it some day.

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