Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #02

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The Wee Red Bus today with Heart of Scotland Tours. 10 passengers on a 16 passenger bus.

Rosslyn Chapel of DaVinci Code book and movie fame.  It should be well know despite that.  The interior stone carvings are phenomenal.  No interior photography allowed, sadly.  The Rosslyn Castle ruins are nearby.

Melrose Abbey:

Hadrian’s Wall: The Romans drew a line across the country to keep the uncontrollable Picts north in Caledonia (Scotland). They built a coast-to-coast wall on that line. This section is near the middle and was much larger ‘back in the day’ than it is now.

A quick stop at Jedburgh Abbey on our way back to Edinburgh:

A quick stop at (Sir Walter) Scott’s View on our way back to Edinburgh.  The author of classics Ivanhoe and Rob Roy (I must put at least one on my to-read list) liked to admire the countryside from here.

Other scenery on our way back.  It’s amazing what polarized bus windows due for a photo:

Dinner was at Albanach Pub on High Street, the Royal Mile, in Edinburgh.  The next Avengers movie is being filmed outside.  It’s no wonder they cost millions to make.

To be continued… (TBC…) I’m not sure I can keep this pace.  We shall see…

10 thoughts on “Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #02

  1. I was amused at “William Wallace, though no DNA testing has been done.” Columbus is said to be buried in a number of places including Seville where they told us they had tested and found they had 17% of his body.


    1. Ahhhh! Thanks for mentioning that. I realize I’ve made a grave error and the heart is said to be that of Robert the Bruce, the other great Scottish freedom fighter, not William Wallace!!! I will correct that immediately. As I’ve read, heart embalming and burial was a somewhat common practice at the time and the heart might be that of a high church official. Who am I to quibble. Wikipedia as usual enlightens on both men.


      1. And speaking of buried in a number of places, even our guide mentioned that parts of the body, bits of bone, etc, are buried in churches all over Scotland not unlike reliquaries of saints. They dismantled them greatly in those days!


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