Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #05

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Many days and miles have passed.  I knew I couldn’t keep up the (posting) pace.  I’m in the Republic of Ireland now, but this is now, that was then.

Monday 24 April (only a week ago???) was the assault on Edinburgh Castle.  It is quite the lofty promontory of igneous rock.  It doesn’t jut into the sea but points towards it, carved some 350 million years ago by glacial erosion of softer soil around it.

The wind is bitter and biting cold so we visit inside to see the Crown Jewels of Scotland (The Honours, no photography allowed), The Great Hall, St. Margaret Chapel, and coffee in the Redcoat Cafe.

After a visit to The Tartan Mills (genuine Scottish wool products) and lunch at the Ensign Ewart pub we head to Greyfriars Bobby statue, church, and grave (Wikipedia enlightens).

Then on to the Scottish National Museum for a gander at old Scottish history. This museum has much more than that, and it’s FREE!, but we narrow our focus.

The geology of Scotland is fascinating but I find the history from the Romans and Picts onward quite confusing.  There is little if any chronology, the subjects apparently grouped by theme instead.  I may have to go back to Wikipedia.  I learn much more about Scottish (and Irish) history from smaller museums like The Writer’s Museum, Armadale, and Robert Burns museum, not to mention the Enniskillen Castle museum in Ireland which is incredibly outstanding.  Shame, Nat-Muse Scotland.

That evening we attend a Spirit Of Scotland dinner show, heavily (solely?) tourist oriented but such is part of being on a bus tour.  The singing, dancing, bagpiping, and accordian playing is fun.  Go with the flow.


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8 Responses to Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #05

  1. Leighton Dorey says:

    Great Pictures….Nice story about Bobby

    We do TREAT are dogs better than our humans…and they notice.

    On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 9:11 AM, John’s Space ….. wrote:

    > JohnRH posted: “[Categories: Travel, Photography, Photography 101 Forever] > (Click to view, scroll down and click to view larger. Many days and miles > have passed. I knew I couldn’t keep up the (posting) pace. I’m in the > Republic of Ireland now, but this is now, that” >

    • JohnRH says:

      Thank you. Dogs are there for you, always happy to see you. We’ve seen amazingly few Westies, Scotties, or Skyes on our trip. They are hiding from the hoards of tourists I suspect.

  2. cindy knoke says:

    Sounds like a glorious time and photos are wonderful! Enjoy~

  3. ralietravels says:

    I have been enjoying this series of posts.
    We each must work to our own style. I find it best just to keep notes and try to write up the places after I get home. I usually have a backlog, so there are plenty of things to post while actually away on a trip. This saves the struggle sometimes to find an Internet connection or just the time to write a post. The downside is sometimes friends get confused about where we are and when — “I just talked to you in Florida and today read you were in Arizona.” Another downside is when the backlog gets too big, some events might not be timely.

    • JohnRH says:

      Good advice. Thank you. It is difficult to post ‘on the road’. I will have more than enough material for a long time, if I ever get to it at all. We shall see.

  4. Cecilia says:

    Great post, I so enjoy reading about Scotland. One day I will visit it again, until then I read your posts …!

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