Art in Plein Air at the Mansion

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Our local historical mansion had an outdoor painting (plein air) exhibition yesterday, during which the public could stroll the grounds and watch artists at work.  Most, but not all, the artists seemed to work with oils applied very thickly, even more than Van Gogh.  It was a beautiful, blue sky day and I thought there were photo opportunities.

The banner photo above was one painter’s palette tray, which she was soon going to throw away.

The mansion was added on to for nearly a century from a small stone 19th-century rancher’s house on the far left to its present form.

I am slowly putting my new Panasonic ZS100 camera through the paces.  It will take years for me to learn all the features.  I’m letting it do the thinking for now in iA mode (intelligent Auto).  It is a good thinker.

Click on photos or galleries to enlarge.  My WordPress photo storage is bulging so please bear with me while I experiment with new storage methods.  I like hi-res photos and the ability to zoom within a post when I want, but I’m reluctant to pay WordPress their price for unlimited storage. has been suggested by WP for storage, and I think it is one of their companies.  Microsoft OneDrive is also useable.  I’m using both in the post and was having trouble getting back to the main page until I set ‘open in new tab’ for all but the last picture.  If you seem lost in navigating then just close the tab for the gallery you are in (except for the sunset picture).

It is sad to think that one day all these posts and pix will be dispersed into the ether like so much static electricity, but I trust their importance is in sharing now and not with some unseen, unknown future for which I won’t be around!  Enjoy.

Art, Artists, and Easels – 1

The mansion appeared as the Venneford Ranch in the TV mini-series Centennial, based on James Michener’s book.  Exterior and interior scenes were used.

Mansion Vignettes – 1

Art, Artists, and Easels – 2

Mansion Vignettes – 2: The building and grounds have been extensively restored and upgraded since it was taken over by the community.

Art, Artists, and Easels – 3

Mansion Vignettes – 3:  New rotor blades were recently added to the original stone windmill tower after the old assembly collapsed in a storm.

All the previous galleries are via OneDrive except for the black-trimmed one, which is CloudUp.  C-Up was more tedious to work with and I had problems with extremely slow image loading at times.  Your comments and criticisms are welcome regarding what did or did not work for you.

Colorado sunset the following evening:

Happy Trails.

10 thoughts on “Art in Plein Air at the Mansion

  1. Beautiful shots John, what a great opportunity to have all those artists around you. Loved your opening shot of the pallet. As for the posts disappearing into the ethernet, one of the photobook companies (probably more than one) offers a blog-to-book option for making a book out of your posts. I’m thinking it might be fun but having just done my 300th post I’m not sure I’m willing to spend that kind of money LOL.

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