Calder at the Gardens

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Alexander Calder (1898-1976), the artist/originator of the mobile (Wiki), though all but one of the 9 exhibit pieces are stabiles.

At the Denver Botanic Gardens, 28 April – 24 Sept. 2017.  M’lady and I visited near the end of July.  As usual we realized we should go more often, just for the flowers.  ‘He who does not admire plants does not admire life.’ -Anonymous.  🙂

Bees and Reflections:

6 Dots Over A Mountain, Monet Pond, health food for lunch.  OK, comfort food, deliciously cooked in Fat Tire Ale.

No Burl Ives for you!

Master blues musician Buddy Guy played at the Gardens July 21st.  We saw him.  Sniff sniff, snooty blues sniff.  (Was that a blues frog I saw?)  Young master blues prodigy Quinn Sullivan played with him.  Suuuu-perb.  There is a video within the following gallery.  No guarantees on functionality.  It’s not too loud either, but mind your volume.

I’m still working with storing pictures on remote sites.  Black-trimmed galleries are Cloudup, others are OneDrive.  Let me know if something goes horribly wrong for you.

Otherwise, enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Calder at the Gardens

    1. Good. I’m jumping through hoops trying to emulate guest access to WP and the photo sites. Trying to sign out of everything but when I’m still editing a post it’s cumbersome.


  1. Hi John, Awesome — did you take these pictures? Really amazing. I can’t believe the color of the “blues frog”. Never seen one like that!

    I did listen to the Buddy Guy video. Needed to download it to my computer to get it to play, but when it did — WOW. Love it! That young guy can really play!

    Best Regards, Carmen

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