Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #09

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Wed. 28 Apr.  Belfast.  ‘The Troubles.’  Peace Walls.

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Our guides were very enthusiastic about the reconstruction booming economy of Belfast since peace was realized, but I felt an eerie quietude as we toured some of the former boundaries between Protestants and Catholics.  In certain areas there weren’t many people around except for tourist buses.  Still I’m all for economic resurrection anywhere, anytime. The Irish have the right attitude in that respect.

The Titanic Studios, along with a lot of Northern Ireland the scene of Game of Thrones TV production, and the Titanic Museum are economic contributions.

I enjoyed the Titanic Museum, though it was mostly a ‘read’ of the history, with relatively few artifacts.  There is even a ‘ride’ through a construction gantry.  Oddly, very oddly I thought, the museum was very remiss in not showing or discussing the iceberg strike and various factors of construction as well as a long-burning coal or boiler fire and heated metal plates soon to be exposed to freezing water.  “We can’t show everything” I was told.  A little too sensitive and politically correct in my opinion.

Belfast streets are a mixture of the very old, the newer, and the not-so-sublime.  If time permits you, read a few of the selections.  They range from poetic to raucous.

Our day concluded with a guided tour, entertainment, and dinner at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.  We had the place to ourselves.  The buildings are authentic 19th-to-20th century, moved and rebuilt to show the ways of living at the time.

We were entertained by a young group of accomplished musicians and Irish dancers.  The video is 1 minute 21 seconds.  Apologies if there are download or functionality problems.

After this we dined and did our own Irish reels under the tutelage of an instructor.  Sadly there are no pictures of that.

Céad míle fáilte.


5 thoughts on “Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #09

  1. Interestingly I was in Ireland many years ago (and again since) when I was a student. I remember clearly that in Belfast we stayed with a Catholic priest who was a friend of the family and I very distinctly heard the sound of gunfire throughout the night. It was truly frightening. Here’s hoping the religious wars have truly ended. Talk about dividing a country! Looks like you’ve enjoyed your visit John!


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