Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #11.1

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Fri. 30 Apr.  Glenveagh National Park.  Our tour gets a few hours here but it’s worth at least a half day.  Take the time to walk a lot if you get here.  We saw some walking the 2 miles or so from the main entrance.  Good for them.  Worth it.

Click the gallery below to open to individual photos.  Click photos again for a nice enlargement.  The tulips are quite striking.  I don’t know what I did to that one.  I probably had Vivid Mode set in the old Canon SX200.

Ireland would be a great place to visit for several months.  Get a room, really spend some time places.  Walk, read the history.  Absorb the surroundings while one absorbs one’s favorite Smithwicks Ale or two.  Hmm.


7 thoughts on “Scotland/Ireland 2017 – #11.1

  1. The great thing about the Emerald Isle is you can partake “a Smithwicks Ale or two,” ……three, or I forget, and then still, you can absorb the history.
    The only challenge would be remembering, later.


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