Columbus interlude… it’s GREEN

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Columbus, Ohio, that is, not Cristoforo Colombo.  I am visiting here.

Although I grew up in the Middle Atlantic U.S. states one can forget, living in semi-arid Colorado, how green it is.  The trees seem about to burst with the abundance of chlorophyll contained therein this spring.

I went to Highbanks Metro Park for a walk one day.  I took pictures.

I call this one Turbine Stump:

Except for this clearing, the Overlook Trail is heavily wooded and canopied, providing good protection from the sun:

I suspect my skin is beginning to rival this tree bark.  Vanity being what it is, I don’t notice. A yam what Iyam:

Fortunately I don’t think it is this bad:

Words of wisdom are left on donated benches:


One hundred ninety-eight year-old gravestones from the area have been transported and fenced in a private area.  This was disappearing frontier in those days.  Ohio became a state in 1803.  Who had the steady business of stone carver?  Hmm.

In addition to chlorophyll, this is why it’s so green:



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