Columbus interlude… it’s GREEN

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Columbus, Ohio, that is, not Cristoforo Colombo.  I am visiting here.

Although I grew up in the Middle Atlantic U.S. states one can forget, living in semi-arid Colorado, how green it is.  The trees seem about to burst with the abundance of chlorophyll contained therein this spring.

I went to Highbanks Metro Park for a walk one day.  I took pictures.

I call this one Turbine Stump:

Except for this clearing, the Overlook Trail is heavily wooded and canopied, providing good protection from the sun:

I suspect my skin is beginning to rival this tree bark.  Vanity being what it is, I don’t notice. A yam what Iyam:

Fortunately I don’t think it is this bad:

Words of wisdom are left on donated benches:


One hundred ninety-eight year-old gravestones from the area have been transported and fenced in a private area.  This was disappearing frontier in those days.  Ohio became a state in 1803.  Who had the steady business of stone carver?  Hmm.

In addition to chlorophyll, this is why it’s so green:



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5 Responses to Columbus interlude… it’s GREEN

  1. cindy knoke says:

    How lush and verdant!

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  2. ralietravels says:

    Florida is green, but visiting family in Columbus, we are reminded there is green, and then there is forest green, deeper and richer.


  3. Really enjoyed this post John. How incredibly green are the leaves – am loving them.

    Liked by 1 person

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