Someone told me it’s all happening…

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…AT THE ZOO.  (Thank you songwriter Paul Simon.)

The world famous Jack Hanna-headquartered Columbus Zoo (Ohio) is that to which I refer.

As I am no longer the wide-eyed schoolchild, it was with mixed emotions in this conservation, preservation, ecological world that I visited the zoo recently.  Pros and cons abound, but in the proverbial ‘someday, maybe’ I’m sure it would be better that animals resided in a more natural habitat than a zoo.

In many remaining natural habitats today the animals eat their human neighbors and vice-versa, so that is a tough situation to resolve.  Mankind will not be deterred from his relentless encroachment.  I trust someday we will stop eating these precious animals, and grinding their parts for mystical, medicinal purposes.

I am encouraged to read recent reports of animals being transported to broad savannas in African preserves, but even there they must be kept under armed guards, said guards sometimes losing their lives in the course of protecting the animals.

Click on the picture below to view a gallery of 14 photos of the less-caged animals I saw. Click again on a photo to view a larger version and read captions.  Large photo size may slow load time.  Let me know if it is horrible.

The okapi piqued my curiosity.  Following is an info link:


WORLD!  Leave the animals alone!

5 thoughts on “Someone told me it’s all happening…

  1. Like you, we are conflicted. Some zoos are better than others, and for many people, it is their only chance to see the animals live. But it would be nice if they all had natural space to roam. And sad to say, zoos are the only chance for some species to survive.
    After visiting the Columbus zoo, my great-nephew decided he would like to see Africa.

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  2. I share your conflict re caged animals John – even the “safari parks” altho better are still keeping the animals confined. Once one has seen animals in the wild, as we did in Africa, one never wants to see animals in a zoo again. On the other hand, if not for zoos many people would never have the opportunity to experience these beautiful creatures, and hopefully join the many who work for their humane treatment.

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