The Denver Botanic Gardens, June 11, 2018

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In honor of Ingrid’s Wandering Wednesday Photo Inspiration, here are a few shots from a recent visit to the DBG:

Watering: before and after:

Close, closer, closest:

Water, water, water, water, DROPS!

  1. Nice color, 2. Foxtails EVERYWHERE, and finally, 3. Is it live, is it Memorex, or is it Monet?:

It’s live.

This is more (a’la) Monet:


Enjoy. “June is bustin’ out all over…” (Richard Rogers, Carousel.)

8 thoughts on “The Denver Botanic Gardens, June 11, 2018

  1. I like how you showcased the “close, closer, closet”. I love the Denver Botanical Garden. Last time I was there was about 3 years ago. Looks like you and I captured the same waterlilies. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. M’lady and I have a membership and we should go every season. Always something to see. We missed the irises, save for a few remnants, and tulips this year.

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      1. It’s a beautiful garden. Tulips are one of my favorites but could not seem to grow them when we lived in Co. Springs. They’d only bloom the first season and then come back the next year with just leaves. I think we were a little too high in elevation. Ah, missing Colorado this summer!

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  2. The Denver Botanical Garden must be a beautiful sight!

    I enjoyed how you showed the variations of close, closer, closest!

    I hear you missed the Irises! I had a Siberian Iris bloom for the first time in my garden. It was a delight to see. I hope to do a post of my summer garden this Sunday. Stay tuned!

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