Plein Air at the Mansion, 2018

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[Photos are hosted on Microsoft OneDrive.  Let me know if you have access problems.]

Our local historical mansion had an outdoor painting (plein air) exhibition yesterday, during which the public could stroll the grounds and watch artists at work.  It was a beautiful day and there were photo opportunities.  I took pictures.

Through a succession of owners the mansion was added onto for nearly a century from a small, stone, 19th-century rancher’s house to its present form.  The house and grounds are now a public-use facility.  The immediately surrounding land is still a working ranch.

Mansion scenes were filmed here in the 1970s for the television series adaptation of the book Centennial by James Michener.  The mansion was depicted as Venneford Ranch in the 20-hour series.

Click the composite below to take you to a gallery of 14 photos where you can click/zoom individual pictures and view basic photo info via the teeny circled “i” in the corner.  (9.1-91mm is equivalent to 25-250mm.)

There are some great mansion photos, present and historical (see History) at this website:

See last year’s Plein Air blogpost here:

2 thoughts on “Plein Air at the Mansion, 2018

    1. Yes! We purchased a modest pastel (not the one pictured). The artist does a lot of backpacking in the mountains to pursue her art. Dedication!


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