Lens-Artists Challenge #36 – Around the Neighborhood

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Led this week by Tina Schell.

I’m taking the subject literally, providing photos taken very near to my sub-urban townhome residence, from a few feet to a few thousand yards of my front door.

First, the patio.  M’lady does geraniums and potted annuals in the summer.

Patio Geraniums

Following are the two trees at the back of the patio shot, at another time of the year.  Change is constant.

Snowy trees

Next, a tree-lined street a few blocks away.  Autumnal.  No speeding please, in case you weren’t sure.

Are speed bumps faster than regular bumps?

It’s noteworthy that my ‘neighborhood’ shots still trend toward nature.  I’m not taking close-ups of the brickwork.  (Hmm.)

Heading out a couple of thousand yards, this one is from my Plein Air posts.  Focus seemed to be uniform throughout the DOF.  Panasonic ZS100, 14.9mm (40.93 equiv.), f3.8, 1/800.  (You may be able to right-click any photos and open in a larger format.)

If row-house townhomes block your views, you can always look up.  This one is within ‘the complex’, near home.

The sun slowly sinks in the west.

The banner photo of the white horse is from a ranchette a few thousand yards in another direction, along a walking path.

That’s all folks.

Weekly Lens-Artists Challenge info and leaders can be found here.  Check ’em out!  Also search for Lens-Artists to find posts.

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