Flower of the Day (FOTD): Clematis

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We had clematis at our previous home.  Bloomed every year.  Easy to care for.  Cut it to the ground in fall or early spring, remove the clinging dead vines.  It would climb the lattice again, spring and summer.

Clematis at the old homestead.

The following picture was taken at the Ringling estate in Sarasota, FL.  I’m not sure if it is a clematis, but it looks similar.  If anyone knows, yay or nay, please say!  (Hmm, leaves aren’t pointy.  Pretty anyway.)

Inspiration kudos:

Amy: Flower of the Day (FOTD) Clematis

Cee: The Flower of the day is Cee’s daily theme (although she is doing tulips at the moment.) Here is the link https://ceenphotography.com/flower-of-the-day-fotd-challenge/


3 thoughts on “Flower of the Day (FOTD): Clematis

  1. I think the bottom flowering plant may be a tropical Princess Flower (Tibouchina). I used to grow Princess Flowers. They have fuzzy leaves and purple flowers, and the petals have square edges, rather than the points of the clematis. But, it is hard to tell in the photos so I could be wrong.

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