Lens-Artists Challenge # 82 – cap·i·tal

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[Photos this week are hosted right here on WordPress.  Somewhere… ]

The Lens Artists Challenge is hosted this week by Viveka.

I start with a capital A, in the U.S. state capital of Ohio, Columbus:

I was intrigued with the LeVeque Tower in Columbus, and its styling. Wikipedia tells me it was completed in 1927 and was the fifth tallest building in the world at that time.

Inside the LeVeque was a beautiful brass elevator door:

At the Franklin Conservatory in Columbus they were preparing an exhibition of Chihuly art glass. Here is one example:

Back to the beginning, near the Art district with a capital A, at Pat & Gracie’s Tavern, I had a drop-dead delicious Prime Rib special for lunch. This still makes my mouth water, and I haven’t had breakfast yet.

I would have prime rib and eggs right now, if I could.  A capital idea.


Kudos to the tireless leaders of the weekly Lens-Artists challenge.

Best wishes for 2020.

Weekly Challenge info from Tina:
“Each Saturday at noon EST we will publish a photo challenge similar in form to the now-defunct WPC. If you choose to participate, please make sure to tag your post with the name of our group LENS-ARTISTS so that all of the responses can be found together in the WP Reader. Please also include a link to the challenge moderator’s post. One of our 4 moderators will host the challenge each week.”
Week 1 – Patti of https://pilotfishblog.com/
Week 2 – Ann-Christine aka Leya of https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com/
Week 3 – Amy of https://shareandconnect.wordpress.com/
Week 4 – Tina of https://travelsandtrifles.wordpress.com/
Check them out.  Also search for Lens-Artists to find posts.

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23 Responses to Lens-Artists Challenge # 82 – cap·i·tal

  1. viveka says:

    John, Excellent job … never been to Ohio, but lately, on CNN it has been a lot about the city because of the election. Chihuly art glass, just love it – I meet his art big time in Seattle by the Space needle a couple of years ago. His art really makes us happy. So do a great Prime rib too.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah says:

    Beautiful shots of the LeVeque, both inside and out! Those brass elevator doors are wonderful, as is the glass art! Great post, John!


  3. Leya says:

    Great choices, John…and I could agree about that Prime Rib! But the brass doors is my favorite image – lovely work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mei-Mei says:

    Great choices. I went to college just outside of Columbus so it’s nice to see some familiar places. Especially love the Chihuly at Franklin Conservatory! Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ralietravels says:

    Next month we will be in Columbus for the third time in less than a year. We visited and posted on our May visit to the Franklin Conservatory, but we shall have to look for the other places.

    Liked by 1 person

    • JohnRH says:

      The CMOA is there, Columbus Museum of Art. It had a wide range of exhibits. The fairly new National Veterans Memorial and Museum is downtown near the LeVeque Tower. Not many artifacts but an informative display. Large parks between there and the LeVeque, all up and down the Scioto River for a bit. There are a variety of other museums I haven’t been to. In Dayton is the National Museum of the US Air Force, if you have time. I’ve been there and it is HUGE. Four gigantic indoor hangers, connected with each other. We didn’t see all of it as we had a WWII vet with us. Enjoy.


  6. Ana says:

    I never would have thought to join the word happiness with an elevator… 😉
    Great post!

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  7. Tina Schell says:

    LOL for a capital idea you crafty fellow ! But why does Columbus have an A????

    Liked by 1 person

  8. JohnRH says:

    Art. ‘rt’ by the A. The ‘Art’ district. Galleries. Columbus Museum of Art (which has quality exhibits), etc.


  9. Amy says:

    Incredible images, John. The brass elevator door is magnificent!
    Wow, the Prime rib and eggs, a capital idea indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. A nice look at the city 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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