Lens-Artists Challenge #124 – Now and Then

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It’s said ‘The Greeks had a word for it’. Little did they know.

The Lens-Artists Challenge is hosted this week by Amy.

Per Amy: “Now that we are staying at home most of the time due to the pandemic, I often think about our different lifestyles now versus then.”

Usually reminded of a song, the first thing that popped into my head is Where or When, by The Lettermen and many others, but Google quickly reminded me of Now and Then (there’s a fool such as I), popularized by Elvis. I digress.


The parks are empty, quiet, serene, perhaps a blessing in disguise:


There were concerts and crowds:

…and clouds… beautiful, big, panoramic, clouds.

I’m fortunate that, as a retiree, my lifestyle is not radically different. I’m unfortunate that, as a retiree, my age group is more likely to catch and die from COVID than other age groups, though the virus has taken its toll among all ages. My 99 year-old mother just tested positive, but so far, five days after testing, is showing NO symptoms. Fingers crossed.


The 4th of July (U.S. Independence Day) consists of ‘decorating the patio’:

…and watching New York City fireworks on tv (a 2019 photo, but you get the idea):


The locally community parade was fun!

What can be better than horses and cars?! (It’s an Acura, BTW. Woof!)


It’s birds…

…pot roasts…

…and puzzles…


I haven’t done any puzzles for many months, but it’s never too late!

Stay safe, be well. Be kind to one another.

40 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #124 – Now and Then

  1. Fun to see the parade photos, I miss the local parade. The pot roasts looks so good, John!
    I love your blue bird captures. The puzzle project is challenging, I admire your patience.

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  2. Your photos really bring out the contrasts between then and now. Like you I’m fortunate in some ways to be retired as it means I’m not worrying about the possible loss of income through job insecurity, but I do feel my life has changed a lot. My husband and I are used to making the most of the opportunities that living in London offers us. Most weeks we would go to a gallery or two one day, the cinema another, eat out. None of that is possible now (although it was for a while during the summer). And as avid travellers we hate being ‘grounded’ for so long. But our problems are minor compared to those who have really suffered with the disease. I’m pleased to hear your mother is symptom-free – I hope she makes a quick recovery.

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  3. Beautiful pictures, John. I love cars and jigsaw puzzles, too. I am addicted to digital puzzles. Like you, our lives as retirees are not radically different – yet. Yet I cringe when I see how hard it is for my friends who still teach. We seldom see children outside their homes walking on the streets together. In our COVID-rich county contagion and death was rampant in nursing homes. Since then, retirees living at home have been cautious and haven’t been out much. The numbers of the over-65 age group getting COVID is much smaller than that of any other age group in our county. It’s much freer in Arizona where we have just moved because the numbers have been smaller. We are still cautious, though.

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