Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2020: EPIDEMIC – Pt. 3 – ESSAY CONTEST!

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[L.Q. cover, quotes, and images are from Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2020: EPIDEMIC, except where noted.]
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[This is a READING section, for those who might stumble in looking for photography. My summaries of the L.Q. historical journal continue.]


Lapham’s has made it affordable this month for me to give away TWO one-year subscriptions to the Quarterly. This is my own, personal giveaway, with NO coordination or compensation from L.Q.

Contest criteria:

  1. Write an essay telling me ‘why you would commit to reading Lapham’s Quarterly for the next year, and what is the value of history to you.’
  2. Keep essays long enough to make your point and short enough so my eyes and mind don’t glaze over while reading. 250-500-750 words should do it.
  3. Only one entry per person is allowed. Entrants must have an active WordPress blog with posts within the last six months. Entrants must have a United States subscription address, to be provided only after winning. Costs are prohibitive to me for Canada or International subscriptions.
  4. Find my email address in the comments section of your blog and email me your essay entry and your blog URL. If you don’t currently have my email, ask me to comment in your blog, or comment here and ask me to email my address to you.
  5. Submissions must be received by 12 Midnight U.S. Mountain Standard Time (Denver, CO), Monday 7 December 2020.
  6. Winners will be announced in this blog on Monday 14 December 2020, or not later than 21 December 2020 in the event I receive too many essays to read in a week. 🙂 Winners will be notified by email also. If I only receive two entries, two subscriptions will be awarded.
  7. I will be the sole judge of essays and awarder of subscriptions.
  8. Winners will have to email me their U.S. subscription address within seven days of the award announcement.
  9. Every effort will be made to protect the privacy and anonymity of submitters.
  10. All essays become my property, in that I reserve the right to publish or reproduce them IF I see fit, with ‘anonymous’ reference to the author. Original authors retain any other rights, ownership, and acknowledgement of authorship.
  11. This is a ‘casual’ essay contest. If there aren’t enough legal caveats expressed here, don’t submit! I disavow any responsibility for technicalities not mentioned herein.


The free subscription may well start with the EPIDEMIC issue.

This is the ‘forever’ review/summary. In descending order are my previous meanderings on this issue:

Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2020: EPIDEMIC – Pt. 2

Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2020: EPIDEMIC – Pt. 1 Overview

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Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2020: EPIDEMIC – preview 3

Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2020: EPIDEMIC – preview 2

Lapham’s Quarterly Summer 2020: EPIDEMIC – preview

My perspectives on Epidemic will continue soon…

[Update 8 Dec. 2020: Alas, no contest entries were received. There will be no further announcements.]

The standard notes:
1. Since L.Q.’s inception with the Winter 2008 issue its size is always 7″ x 10″ x 1/2-17/32″. It is white-covered, printed on high quality paper throughout, with richly printed reproductions of fine art from time immemorial, and 221 pages up to a page or two of addenda at the back.
2. Each issue contains extracts about the title topic from great authors and thinkers spanning all recorded history. It begins with an eloquent, to a fault, preamble/introduction by editor Lewis Lapham. The main body is called Voices In Time and contains 3 or 4 subcategories of the topic with about 25 extracts per section. Noteworthy sidebars, side quotes, and depictions of appropriate art from the ages are liberally distributed throughout. Several extended contemporary essays bring up the rear. There are several other small sections every issue (Among the Contributors, Conversations, Miscellany, ‘The Graphic’).
3. Per the L.Q. website:
“Lapham’s Quarterly embodies the belief that history is the root of all education, scientific and literary as well as political and economic. Each issue addresses a topic of current interest and concern—war, religion, money, medicine, nature, crime—by bringing up to the microphone of the present the advice and counsel of the past.”
4. I encourage all to subscribe to this fine publication. It is a rich supplement to anyone’s reading.

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