Lens-Artists Challenge #125 – You Pick It!

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever]
The Lens-Artists Challenge is hosted this week by Tina.

Per Tina: “This week it’s all up to you – you get to choose your subject and to share whatever it is about it that you find interesting. Personally, I’ve chosen last week’s introduction to the concept of Wabi-Sabi, particularly as it relates to art and photography, as my topic.”

Such a topic might be a great weekly theme for all of us. The following link explained W-S to me:  Wabi-Sabi Photography – The art of the imperfect

However, I will defer for now. Nature ‘most’ captures my attention, and I attempt to capture it in return. I love the man-made too, but one thing at a time. I’m not much of a people photographer either. I’m too concerned about ‘imposing’.

In the meantime, I love trees. Click below to open the gallery:

Stay safe, be well. Be kind to one another.


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