Lens-Artists Challenge #128 – And Here Comes the Holiday Season…

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Per A-C: “This last LAPC challenge, of the strange year 2020, is all about your Holiday Season. So what will your holidays look like? What are your plans and/or memories? Will you create new traditions or will you just ”survive” this one, looking forward to a ”normalized” celebrating next year?”

Our holiday will be VERY different this year. We are not traveling, to Ohio, or Missouri, or Texas. We will save TONS of money as a result, but not see family. It will be the first time in decades. We do not have family in Denver, and since we are still distancing and staying safe and healthy, we will not visit with friends. Like Thanksgiving last month, we will have a nice dinner at home. We are optimistically looking forward to the quiet.

We have already been to the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Denver City and County Building to look at Christmas lights. Click the picture below to go to a gallery of photos:

Stay safe, be well. Be kind to one another. (It’s human to butt your head against a wall for a year (2020) and then say ‘next year will be better!’) Optimism reigns supreme!  Let’s do this!!! 



30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #128 – And Here Comes the Holiday Season…

  1. Like you, we won’t be traveling back home to see family either. It will only be the second time we’ve missed Christmas at home in a decade. The only thing we won’t miss is the cold North Dakota December.
    Love the image of the clock tower. What is the significance of the field of yellow and white lights?

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    1. The field is a moving display with varying lights and colors, in sync with music playing. The area is a ‘theater in the round’ (rectangle) where they have summer concerts. Obviously frozen in photo, but glad you inquired!

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  2. The Christmas lights look splendid, John, and staying at home will be great, saving all that money…Well, there is nothing bad that doesn’t come with a positive side as well. The Denver gallery looks perfectly enjoyable! We are also saving money, no travels and almost no parcels. We too will have a quiet dinner with our closest family – 6 persons.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas and a Better New Year !

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  3. It’s going to be a very different holiday from other years, but we do it out of responsibility to try to control this damn virus and get it out of our lives as soon as possible. Good times will return!

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