Lens-Artists Challenge #130 – It’s a Small World

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever]

Per ANNE: “…take your camera for a walk around your yard or home and shoot some close-up or macro shots.”

I call these shots SUNDAY BREAKFAST, THE AFTERMATH. ‘BUT’ what are they?

Color altered by software:



It’s the sidewall of a scraped, empty, tub of Country Crock faux butter (margarine).

Pit your wits on these pits:

Pitted, pithy. Yup, you guessed it:

Fork tines! The egg, upper left tine, didn’t come out, but that is just as well.

MACRO, people. Stay FOCUSED. (I have no room to talk, but that’s life.)

Stay safe, stay sane, be well. Be kind to one another.


(One more try for a pingback: See the Host’s Post at ANNE.)

26 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #130 – It’s a Small World

    1. In your Lens-Artist post, comments section, this is what a pingback looks like: Pingback: Spring Flowers under Macro Lens – From Hiding to Blogging . When we post a Lens-Artists Challenge, we are supposed to put in our post a link (URL) to the host’s main post, so we get a ‘pingback’ (link/URL) in the host’s post, and viewers can use that link to see our own posts. There are some pingbacks in your main post, but not many. Sometimes the host has to approve pingbacks. You can look in My Sites/WP Admin/Comments/Pending and see if there are pingbacks waiting approval. You can also turn on ‘pingbacks allowed’ in My Sites/WP Admin/Settings/Discussion: check the box for “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new posts”. This still may not allow all pingbacks without additional approval. The Lens-Artists primary hosts should consider giving some basic instructions to guest hosts, if they don’t already. (Pingbacks allow more interaction and ease of getting back and forth to all the participants. I go through the main host’s post and click the links and pingbacks to see other peoples posts.)


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