Lens-Artists Challenge #136 – Subjects Starting with the Letter–S

[Categories: Photography, Photography 101 Forever]

Per Patti:we invite you share images that feature a subject starting with the letter S.”

  • “Surely Sylvia swims!” shrieked Sammy surprised. “Someone should show Sylvia some strokes so she shall not sink.” (ref.)

Some say ‘s’ is the most used word-starter in English. (25,333 or 10.6%.)

Others say 74,992 words start with ‘s’, but that may include plurals and conjugated verbs. (!) Quite a difference. Suffice it to say, there are a bunch!


(That’s TWO s’s. (Esses?) Extra credit?)

That’s all folks!

Stay safe, be well, be kind to one another.




49 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #136 – Subjects Starting with the Letter–S

  1. Amazing Snow Sculptures John – and a perfect choice for the challenge. I saw a similar post in the past with amazing sand sculptures but these I think must be even more challenging. Terrific choice for the week.

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  2. John, where did you find these sculptures. I’ve heard of this before – like a contest, but I can’t remember where they were. They are all amazing, and to think they saw those out of a 10 foot cube of ice. I wonder if they had been dreaming and practicing for months before?

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