Lens-Artists Challenge #140 – A Change of Scenery

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Per WanderingDawgs: “…we are challenging you to get out and look for a change of scenery.”

“Ch-ch-ch-ch CHANGES” –David Bowie

When it stops snowing I’ll stop posting about snow. Ok, it sometimes snows briefly in late May, early June. I’ll stop before that. Meanwhile…

Five days ago there was one to two feet of snow, heavily drifted:

“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.” ― Mae West

Now, the meltdown:

Forecast for the next two days: 8-12 inches. 😱 

Stay safe, be well.

26 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #140 – A Change of Scenery

  1. Are you KIDDING me John?! One freak spring snowstorm is fully acceptable, a second one soon after?? That’s just wrong 😱. Are you in Colorado? I love your first image and the Mae West quote is perfect but it’s time for the snow to get out of Dodge!!

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  2. We are also in meltdown but there is only sunshine or rain in the forecast. We are at a lower altitude here in Ontario perhaps that has something to do with it. I am ready to put my crampons away ! I have to put them on my boots to get my horse out of the paddock as it has been so icy. I hope you will have more melt and less snow soon John!

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  3. Wow! A friend of mine who lives in Littleton sent me a few photos of the storm’s aftermath as well. I’m staying in Arizona until I am sure it’s safe to return to a snowless North Dakota (probably late April.) 🙂

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  4. John, I don’t remember getting snow that often in Colorado Springs. A few bad blizzards, but this is getting tiresome for you. Whew, not a good time to fly into Denver! 🙂 Stay safe. I’ve ridden on the freeways through Denver in the snow and ice. People are crazy drivers! 🙂

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