Lens-Artists Challenge #146 – Focusing on the Details

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Per Patti “But often, the details do a better job of “telling the story.””

I’m guessing we will see a lot of closeups for this theme.

Tree bark (woof) is always a favorite of mine. Weathered skin, not unlike my own. How did I ever come to inhabit this body?! Aliens, I suspect. Never mind.

An aspen tree, I believe.

Pine needles, dying on a fallen tree. Not exactly ‘woof’ but I liked the shot:

You were saying?

Another closeup I couldn’t passup. On my metal patio table I think:

Yes, my table:


Stay safe, be well, be kind to one another.

55 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #146 – Focusing on the Details

    1. Thanks for the article link. Very informative. I’m glad they are preserving the building as I’m a great believer in that. The article posits the question I’ve often asked myself about the Carnegie libraries, ‘who could use it?’ After working 12 hours at ‘the mill’, who had time or energy to go to the library? I was pleased to learn of the extra amenities such as showers, pool, pool, and theater. One can’t fault Carnegie’s generosity, though I’ve read that the fortunes of the wealthy at that time were far greater than the top billionaires now, in today’s dollars. Thanks again.


  1. Loved how you got close, And loved more how you showed the impact by zooming back on the s as md shit (ladybug).

    Lately I have enjoyed closer looks at textures, like your bark photos. They are becoming trendy art. Very nice.

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  2. These two detail posts are fabulous, John. That ladybug looks like she’s got bugs! What are all those yellow things on her? aphids? I have aspen tree skin, too. I go without examining it closely for a couple of days and it ages ten years. I love your pine needles, too. 🙂

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  3. I love these photos, John, with the pine needles being my favorite. Nice to meet someone else who likes to take photos of trees 🙂 I usually don’t post mine because … well, people seem to prefer birds, bees, butterflies, and flowers, not closeups of a tree trunk or the slats from a wooden bridge. Your photos inspire me to rethink what I don’t post 🙂


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