Lens-Artists Challenge #156 – Black and White

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Per ANGEE “…I also love black and white… ”.

Many of our neighborhood junipers are unusually green this year:

“The ability to see in color is not specific to humans, but many animals can only see in black and white. Colored vision is possible because of the presence of cone photoreceptors in the eye; the different types of cone cells respond to different wavelengths of light, resulting in the perception of different colors. Cone cells are not active in low-light conditions, unlike the more sensitive rod photoreceptors.

Some of the animals that only see in black, white and shades of gray include bats, golden hamsters, flat-haired mice, raccoons, seals, sea lions, walruses, some fish, whales and dolphins, to name a few.” (Sciencing.com)

Aren’t we lucky?

Stay safe, stay well, stay wonderful.

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #156 – Black and White

  1. Lovely post John. Your comparison of color vs bw juniper leaves is a great example. I wonder if it’s safe to assume that birds with colorful plumage will all be able to perceive color? And the drab monochromatic ones not so much? Best, Babsje

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  2. Great reply to this challenge John! My brother was color blind and always needed to take someone with him when buying things for his home. One day he chose a vinyl floor for his kitchen without someone with him. I’m not going to say much about the result! Take care!

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