Lens-Artists Challenge #157 – Getting Away

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Per Rusha “…share your favorite getaways with us… ”.

Several days ago I returned from a trip to COSTA RICA! (Queue the music: “I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane”, or better yet, “Stranded In The Jungle”.)

Despite taking 1,003 photos with my ZS200, plus some phone photos, I will try to show a FEW that are representative of the country. It may take more than one post.

Arenal Volcano, as viewed above from my hotel, is the stereotypical cone-shaped spouter. It is active (I’m really not sure if that is cloud or smoke/steam streaming from the top). Long thought to be dormant, it destructively blew its top in 1968 and was very active until 2010.

SLOTH, in addition to being one of the Seven Deadly Sins, are one of the beloved animals of C.R.

The one above was high in a tree, where they usually hang out, and it may be holding a baby. Sloths have many curious aspects, such as being covered with considerable hair despite the warm and humid climate, and coming to the ground, where they are vulnerable, once a week or so to defecate and bury their waste. The one below we saw fairly close up, as it was hanging on the lower part of a telephone or power line pole, a dangerous place for an animal:

We saw many, many iguanas, both in the wilds of the jungle, such as this one, and in the wilds of our hotel grounds!

Caimans were present on our boat tour through the labyrinth of waters in the Tortuguero National Park. Don’t drag your hand in the water!

But what about flowers, birds, and frogs? Frogs?!? Oh my. Perhaps Pt. 2.

Stay safe, stay well. (It was very safe, Covid-wise, in C.R. EVERYONE was masking, and our tour group, as required, was totally vaccinated.)

To be continued…?

32 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #157 – Getting Away

  1. That’s great!
    Inability to travel is a minor convenience considering what the pandemic brought to others, but those of us who are avid travelers know the joy that comes from getting out again.

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  2. I will look forward to seeing more of your photos. We’ve been there twice, but only on one-day cruise ship stops. I’m sure it was a great time having days instead of hours to explore.
    I did, however, get my own photo of an infant sloth in a tree at Natuwa.

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  3. Good for you John! Many of us are starting to “get away” once again although it seems we’re entering a new phase of the virus so you timing was perfect. Loved your images which brought us along with you!

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  4. Your post is magnificent. I would have taken an equal number of photos since this terrain and these inhabitants are so foreign to me. My favorite photo is that of the iguana — but I have no idea how you could be so close (even with a telephoto) and not be a bit nervous! Thanks for contributing a great post to this challenge!

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