Lens-Artists Challenge #157 – Getting Away Pt. 2

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Per Rusha “…share your favorite getaways with us… ”. Here is more COSTA RICA.

Ok, one more sloth shot. Can you spot it on the left? There’s a closeup on the right.

Our tour guide had a map. Starting in the right photo we navigated the east part of the country as far as the Caribbean, then back-tracked to the west side of the country, left photo, ending on the Pacific in Tamarindo. The rectangles are places where we stayed. (We started and ended at the airport near San Jose, in the middle of the country.

Play with the following galleries. Refresh your page if the photos don’t appear at first, or click a photo block to get to them. I like to zoom pictures to see them closer, if resolution permits. Click a photo, or click the lower right arrow to enlarge, then find your way back somehow. Good luck!

Aye, there be monkeys. HOWLER monkeys. Not a howl so much as a VERY loud, deep-throated roar, mostly from the alpha male. They wake you in the morning, and announce their late-afternoon assembly. They are WILD, and stay away. We sighted some regardless. Click below to observe a little monkey business:

C.R. has a lot of exotic birds, though we did not take the time to view many. I saw a yellow-beaked toucan, we saw macaws in the distance, saw a Tiger Heron, and a Great Curassow (the large black bird with the short yellow beak in the group below). We found the little guy in #6 on our porch in La Fortuna/Arenal. He sat there for awhile and then took off.

One evening we visited a mountain home for a guided tour of tree frogs. The red-eyed female has an affectionate 😉 male on her back, the same two are in the next picture. The green frog in the 6th photo is also know as the glass frog, as seen in the 7th photo with a light shining from underneath.

Finally, a melange of photos, briefly described:
..Rain. Not a great rain shot, because it really, really, really rains in C.R. Torrents, sheets, roof-rattling, thunderous rain.
..Bananas. A ‘demo’ plant, I think, at Selva Verde Lodge, because banana growers…
..wrap their bananas in perforated bags to provide a micro climate and enhance growing.
..Red saffron.
..Saffron pods open.
..Jungle canals accessible only by guided boat at Tortuguero National Park.
..’Sky bridges’, not quite canopy walks, across steep gullies at Arenal Hanging Bridges Park.
..Sky bridge.

I will spare you the other 900+ photos.

Pacific sunsets never disappoint:

Stay safe, be well. Travel safely.

24 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #157 – Getting Away Pt. 2

  1. So many creatures . . . so much vegetation. And all in one fabulous post! I love playing with the slider especially in the first photo. I must admit that I didn’t see the sloth the first time! Thanks so much for posting these great shots of a marvelous getaway. You nailed this challenge!

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  2. Why spare is the other 900 photos? Seriously your post made me feel like I was right there along on your wonderful trip – the closest I’ll ever get to Costa Rica. Very good travel writing and the Howler Monkeys are something I’d like to hear and see. Best, Babsje

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